About Us

About Us

Rockhound blog has been designed to enable rockhound enthusiasts to connect, exchange information, share events, swap valuable information, and be the source of latest, and up-to-date events on current events.

Created by a Rockhound enthusiast himself, he understands that not everything we get in the internet is the right source of data. Sometimes, due to the vast amount of information the internet contains, it can even be a bit overwhelming. There are even times when what the internet contains mislead us. As such, we created a blog wherein you could get only the most legitimate sources of news, and information straight from the source.

How did this happen? We are in partnership with a lot of clubs and organizations that specialize on rockhounding. We are in touch with people who play this role as a second skin. We do even have ties with professionals who make this hobby as their life. In fact, many of the contributors in this blogsite are geologists, which makes our hobby, their work, and this blogsite more of an educational site for everyone.

There’s no age limit on how young people should be to join the rouckhoundblog community. We always welcome curious minds no matter the age bracket they belong to. The younger, the better because we believe that this could make or break their careers at rockhounding. Given the interesting information, and teaching they could get here, we want to fuel their passion in collecting rocks. We want them to be able to determine the differences of each, and the minerals each contains.

This is also the same for individuals of all ages. We simply want to be a strong foundation if anyone wants to build a career out of it. Here, every single detail is adressed. If it isn’t, then just send us an email to immediately rectify that.