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We Are Your Community

We know that feeling of excitement, getting the first piece that would incite your fascination with rocks, yet no one to share it with. No one understands. Some dismissing our finding as just some common stone with weird indentations on them. Others simply don’t care. There are also those who love us enough to care, just going with the beauty of it but without the real enthusiasm.

Been there, done that. Perhaps, many could relate that this is a common scenarion for budding rockhounders. While others took this in stride, even taking this as an inspiration to work harder to pursue this interest, there are others who tamp down their fascination to hide their embarrassment over the incident. Especially to youngsters, the latter could be heartbreaking.

We do not want other newbie rockhounders to feel the same thing. As such, we created this community to support them.

Knowledge in Rocks

Rockhounding could be equated to being little geologists. We have the same interests in rocks as them; we have the same passion; we collect and would like to study minerals like them, but more amateur compared to the knowledge they have. However, you could take additional studies to be like them, if you want to make a career out of it.